Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to Kindl Coaching’s frequently asked questions below. Reach out if you have a question that is not listed here and to book a free initial consultation.

Individual sessions are not available at this time.

Prices for coaching vary per package, and Casie will walk through pricing in each free new client introductory call.

The question to ask yourself is, “What would you invest in yourself to feel more joy and fulfillment in your life?” 

Executive women in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN metro area who have achieved the goals they wanted to in life. They have a great career, home, car, wardrobe; yet, despite these achievements, they find themselves less happy and fulfilled than they expected to be at this stage in life. They are ready for a change because they believe there has to be more to this life and they’re ready to figure it out.  They know they are worth it.

Depending on the coaching package you choose, sessions with Kindl Coaching are held two to three times per month, either remotely or in-person in the Minneapolis metro area.

As much as we’d love to wave a magic wand and help you level up in life in just a session or two, creating real, sustainable change generally requires a several month partnership. 

We will discuss package options during your new client introductory call to find the best life and leadership coaching option that fits your goals.

Clients who choose our 1:1 coaching package work with Casie Kindl in private 1-hour sessions for about six months. For group coaching clients, we will meet bi-monthly.

In each private session, Kindl Coaching clients can bring their most pressing life and leadership challenges to discuss, and Casie will also provide topics to work through based on each client’s individual goals, needs and trajectory. A lot is covered in each coaching session!

In addition to private sessions, clients also have access to 10-minute check-in calls, texts and email support throughout the duration of the coaching program, along with templates, guides and other connections as needed. This is your journey, and we’ll work together to achieve the empowerment and fulfillment you deserve.

We take a personalized approach to each individual’s coaching plan, so homework will depend on the client.

Some do wonderfully by working through and completing a to-do list between sessions, while others thrive through working directly with Casie in each session to complete the tasks needed to move forward in their journey.

What’s important to remember is that each client is responsible for taking the actions and doing the work they determine is necessary for growth, power and purpose.

Working with a coach can be life-changing. It offers a more significant understanding of who you are and how you show up in the world. It can help you become a better leader both at work and at home, to better focus on what is most important in your life, and to achieve greater results than you ever thought possible.

With coaching, you’re empowered to live in the present moment, enjoying a greater sense of power, fulfillment and inner peace.

Casie believes that every one of us has unlimited potential and we are all capable of so much more. Yet, we all live with limiting beliefs and distractions that get in the way of us seeing and understanding the truth of who we are.

By working with Kindl Coaching, women in the Minneapolis, MN area are tapping into this potential. Clients have a better understanding of who they are, and choose, consciously, how they show up and live lives of greater purpose and potential.

Coaching helps individuals improve performance and achieve specific goals in their personal or professional lives – or both!

Coaches work with clients to understand their strengths and weaknesses, set clear goals, and develop strategies to achieve them. It is goal-oriented and action-focused. Conversely, counseling tends to focus on resolving emotional issues that are causing distress or impairment in a person’s life.


That is okay! Together, Casie will help you uncover areas of opportunity so that you gain maximum value from our coaching partnership.

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