Change the Trajectory for Your Entire Day With This Morning Habit

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There’s nothing worse than waking up to the blaring alarm, your heart racing, and mind immediately starting down the path of endless shit on your To Do list. Ever notice that on these same mornings, your day feels frantic? Like you can’t get your coffee down fast enough? What emails did you miss? Flip on the news, and another terrible tragedy unfolds.

You’re not alone. Millions of us struggle with the morning panic that starts our day off, let’s just say, less than desirably. However, you have the ability to change all of that with these few morning habits, and I promise, they won’t cost you time you can’t afford to lose. If anything, they’ll help you be “more in the flow” to increase your productivity, and enjoyment.

  1. Set your alarm or find a way to allow yourself 5-10 extra minutes of “you time” when you first awake.
  2. When that alarm goes off, before you allow the negative, egoic mind to take over, set your new path by thinking of three things you are truly grateful for. It doesn’t matter how small, or seemingly insignificant these things are – just make sure you feel genuine gratitude for them, or you’re wasting your time.
  3. Next, think of one thing you’ll let go of, perhaps a belief that isn’t supporting you, self judgement, etc.
  4. Finally, set your intention for the day. That can sound like “I will be kind to myself, even if I don’t get that workout in”, or “I will drink an extra glass of water before I eat my lunch”. This intention could be more spiritually guided, as noted in “A Course in Miracles”, and sound like “Where will you have me go today? What will you have me do? What will you have me say? And to Whom?”
  5. When you do finally get out of bed, it’s best if you can stay off your phone until you’ve been awake for at least 45 minutes, to minimize the egoic takeover that could ensue, and maximize the benefit of your mindful morning.

Enjoy your calmer, more peaceful mornings.

With love,


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